Who we are

Since our existence as the construction arm of Genena Group in 2009, and our Establishment as a Construction Company in the Year 2018, INMA for Construction and Industrial Development (IFC) has been operating as the construction arm for Genena Group, the first-rate commercial development company for consecutive 108 years. We are a top-notch engineering and construction contractor. That has two main vital goals in our strategy; the first is offering unsurpassed quality along with adequate pricing and on-time delivery, meanwhile the second target is focusing on implementing state-of-the-art turnkey projects such as office and mixed-use buildings, hospitals, industrial and commercial facilities. Keeping these two key points in mind while utilizing recent technologies that placed us as a leading Egyptian construction company topping the list of companies operating in the same field.

Our Mission

Providing well-founded services to our various clients and being committed to continuous growth that is maintained through sticking to the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies to match the market requirements and to stand out from the competition

Our vision

By executing the concentration strategy, we managed to be the sought-after construction company in Egypt that sticks to delivering projects on time while exceeding the expectations when it comes to comparing the high-end quality with the rest of the market. This strategy helped us maintain a top position in the market, and we are pursuing to lead the construction market in the Middle East as well

Our Values


We believe that everything we do can be achieved in a timely, better, faster and more efficient manner for our continuous pursuit of excellence.


Our business is built on integrity, fairness and honesty—qualities at the foundation of every project.


We are relentlessly focused on executing to the highest standards for our clients and communities.


we consider safety as a core value rather than a program or a priority till it becomes a way of life at IFC

Our Philosophy

We are following the most suitable formula that placed us as pioneers in the construction market with a constant goal in mind, which is ensuring the expected delivery requirements. We adopted new technologies along with quality and proactive internal management that helped us occupy this position in the market. That’s why we were chosen to take an active role in constructing Arab Republic in Egypt in the last five years and that is reflected through the number of projects that we’ve been executing in the first three quarters of 2020 with the total budget of EGP 559.2M.

Our Objectives

The foundation we adopt for the future requires providing suitable and fitting solutions for clients in different sectors, and that happens through maintaining our reliability and being a trustworthy service provider, focusing on placing our quality standards and on time delivery before anything else, promoting our performance through day-to-day internal development, and being devoted to integrity, relentless performance and sustainability. We also have a futuristic intuition, and that is why we indulged green and smart buildings in our projects as we are looking years ahead and aiming to improve the quality of life where we operate.